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Upgrade your 21st-century skills with Robotics

Coding in every field and industry:

The world is moving towards coding, with organisations and companies in just about every field and industry looking for employees with coding knowledge. Coding has and will continue to have, a significant impact on medicine, agriculture, education, and food technology to mention just a few industries and fields.Coding is a multi-disciplinary field – it extends far beyond merely building robots and developing digital solutions to the world’s problems. Therefore, it is paramount that learners are prepared for the jobs of tomorrow, regardless of which career path they choose to follow.Learning to code will upgrade learners’ 21-century skills by:
  • Strengthening their critical thinking skills
  • Developing their logical, computational, and analytical thinking skills
  • Enhancing their ability to work in a team
Coding is a skill that learners should master today to thrive and succeed in tomorrow’s world. At Impaq, we are dedicated to helping our learners prepare for the future.

Grade 1 – 3
Novice course

Grade 4 & 5
Apprentice course

Grade 6 & 7
Adept course

Grade 7 – 9
Beginner course

Grade 8 – 10
Advanced course

Grade 10 – 12
Master course

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