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What do I need to register?

Grades R - 9

  • Birth certificate/identity documents for the learner, parent, and account holder.
  • A computer or laptop with internet access and a reliable email address.
  • Upon registering, the parent confirms their child’s readiness and compliance with the requirements of the previous grade*.

Grades 10 - 12

  • A valid copy of the learner’s South African birth certificate/identity document or South African study permit.
  • A computer or laptop with internet access and a reliable email address.
  • A successful final report on the CAPS curriculum from the previous year.
  • If a successful final report from the previous grade is not yet available (before January) the learner will only be accepted provisionally if a term two report card is submitted during registration.
  • Subject requirements apply.

You can also easily register online for all grades

Download Registration Forms

Register manually by downloading the correct registration form below and returning it, together with all the required documentation to Please note that the turnaround time for manual registrations is 5 – 7 working days.