Our Story | Grades R to 12 Learner Resources | Impaq Education

Our History

Our journey started in 2002 as Impak Onderwysdiens. Our focus was to provide solutions for home education (also known as homeschooling) learners and parents. A lot has changed since then. We started with 400 learners. Once we started supporting tutor centres, it led to explosive growth of almost 70% per year and by 2008, we reached 3 800 learners. We continued to grow and in 2012 over 5 300 learners were registered with us. The year 2012 also marked a new phase in our journey when PSG bought Impak. Since then we have put in a lot of time and effort to modernise our lesson materials and services. We launched our schools’ channel, simplified our tutor model and refined the home education offering. In 2018, we reached an impressive milestone of 16 800 learners using our solutions across Southern Africa.

Our Future

We have embarked on the next stage in our journey – to make a significant contribution to education in South Africa. We aim to have 100 000 learners using our solutions by 2020. To achieve this, we need innovative and accessible solutions, committed partners and a stronger brand. We have transformed our brand to one that relates to all South Africans. A brand that stands for quality and value with a proven track record. A brand that you can be proud of. A brand for the future.

About FutureLearn

FutureLearn currently serves approximately 17 000 home learners, more than 1 500 schools, and a further 1 500 tutors. The group owns the brands Impaq (home education curriculum and service provider), Teach360 (school and teacher materials and support), CAMI (practice software for mathematics, reading, literacy, science, and perceptual skills), Media Works (adult education and corporate training) as well as an investment in Tuta-me (platform that links learners to qualified tutors on demand). With this investment we look to further contribute to education in South Africa, while also creating business opportunities for entrepreneurs and educators, who can embrace their passion for education while building a profitable business. To learn more about FutureLearn, visit www.futurelearn.co.za