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Maybe you didn’t get the required marks to receive a National Senior Certificate (NSC). Or, you got your NSC, but you didn’t achieve the symbols required to apply to the tertiary institution or course of your dreams. Luckily, you can improve or repeat your Grade 12 through Impaq.

You don’t have to be an Impaq learner to qualify.
If you went to a public or private high school or received your matric certificate through a distance learning provider, you can still apply to redo your matric subjects through Impaq. The only requirement is that you must have had a sitting for the Final Examination to qualify.

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Impaq Education Grades R to 12 Teaching

Jade Allison Prince

After being disappointed with her marks, 19-year-old Jade Allison Prince registered with Impaq to redo two matric subjects, Mathematics and Physical Sciences. Jade’s mother, Elouise, says that she would recommend Impaq to anyone who needs to improve their matric results.

“I would like to thank Impaq from the bottom of my heart for giving my child another chance. At Impaq, they put your child’s future first.”

Redo certain subjects or your whole matric

If you want to improve your results in one or more subjects, you can apply to:
  • Repeat your portfolio and Final Examination
  • Repeat only the Final Examination (terms and conditions apply)

Redo certain subjects or your whole matric

For this option, you have to redo all the tasks and tests, as well as the June Examination and the Preliminary and Final Examinations.

You may redo all your subjects or only certain subjects.

The final deadline to register for this option is 18 February 2020. Payment needs to be made by 2 March 2020.

Learners who are only repeating the Final Examination

For this option, you should have had a sitting for the NSC Final Examination and should have a complete and valid School-Based Assessment, or SBA (this involves tasks and tests as well as the June and Preliminary Examination).

In this instance, you will only rewrite the Final Examination at the end of the academic year and your current SBA will be submitted as part of the final mark. (Please note: Terms and conditions apply.)

The final deadline to register for this option is 24 April 2020.

Impaq Education Grades R to 12 Teaching

George Tozana

George Tozana had written his matric but had to supplement one subject. “Impaq became such a great help in solving that problem by allowing me to do distance education.”

“This has impacted me in a positive way, made learning easier and more convenient.” George says that his grades have skyrocketed. “I totally believe in Impaq and will definitely recommend them to anyone. Thanks to Impaq I can achieve my dream.”