Considerations for a legally recognised alternative to formal education.

Whether you prefer to call it home education or homeschooling, it is a legally recognised alternative to formal education in South Africa and many countries across the world. To learn more about the legal aspects of educating your child at home, please contact us to obtain our legal guidance on home education and/or seek independent legal advice regarding the education of your child at home. Please take note of the following important aspects outlined in the new home education policy, which covers the requirements for learners in the compulsory schooling phase (7 – 15 years / up to the end of Grade 9).
Parents should apply to the Provincial Education Department (PED) for the registration of a home education learner and comply with any reasonable conditions set by the department.Impaq encourages parents to register learners with the PED and can assist parents with information on the required steps to follow.
Parents need to keep a record of attendance, a suitable timetable and a portfolio of evidence (containing the activities and assessments) for every learner. Portfolios must be kept for three years as proof of the learner’s progress.Our offering assists parents in reaching all the required outcomes as outlined by the national curriculum. We provide the school-based assessments needed to build a portfolio of evidence for every learner.
Parents must provide the PED with feedback on the learner’s progress and whether they have reached the required outcomes at the end of every phase (Grade 3, 6, and 9). Assessments must be done by competent assessors (qualified educators registered with the South African Council for Educators).Impaq used qualified teachers, as per the policy requirements, to develop all the assessments. Impaq also provides parents with progress reports for their children. The progress reports and portfolios of evidence can be submitted to the PED at the end of every phase.
Parents can follow any curriculum that meets the minimum outcomes as set out in the national curriculum.Registration with Impaq ensures that learners follow the national curriculum with formal assessments on the required level throughout all the phases.
The parent may include tutorial or other educational support, secured in respect of specific areas of the curriculum. Parents remain responsible for the education of their child.Impaq equips parents with the materials needed to be the primary educator. Supporting tutorial services may be enlisted as needed, subject to the restrictions contained in the policy.
Home education only applies to the compulsory schooling phase (from Grade 1 to Grade 9 or age 15). Learners in the FET Phase (Grade 10 – 12) must be registered with an examination board through an independent service provider.Examination boards do not register independent candidates. FET learners, therefore, must register with a curriculum provider, who is registered with an examination board. In Grade 10 – 12, Impaq meets all the requirements in terms of the required formal assessments that constitute the school-based assessment marks required to pass. Learners registered with Impaq are registered with SACAI (an examination board registered with Umalusi), which enables the learners to write the National Senior Certificate, issued by Umalusi (like in any school).
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