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Grade 12 candidates who register as repeaters may choose to:

1. Repeat their portfolio and Final Examination

For this option, the candidate will redo all the tasks and tests, as well as the June, Preliminary and Final Examination. The candidate may redo all subjects, or only certain subjects. The candidate can register for the printed material option or the assessment option. The printed material option includes the printed lesson material and electronic assessments. The assessment option includes only the electronic assessments.

Please note: Assessments are only available electronically.

Click here to download the registration form.

2. Repeat only the Final Examination (terms and conditions apply)

For this option, the candidate should have had a sitting for the NSC Final Examination and should have a complete and valid SBA (tasks, tests, June and Preliminary Examination). The SBA is only valid for three years. The candidate will only rewrite the Final Examination at the end of the academic year and the current SBA will be submitted as part of the final mark. No new books will be issued for this option.

Please send an email to to apply for this option.