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Take schooling to the next level

Welcome to the Impaq Online School. We provide learners with a fully supported learning experience to help them flourish in an online environment while maintaining academic excellence. Learners who register for the Impaq Online School have more opportunities for social engagement through online classes and chat forums. They can interact with teachers and other learners to connect and collaborate.

Take your child’s learning to the next level in 2022 and register for the Impaq Online School today!

How will the Impaq Online School work?

  • The online school will be available in English and Afrikaans for all Grade 7 to 11 learners in 2022, expanding to more grades in 2023.
  • Our qualified teachers will facilitate classes throughout the day, covering all material, building interpersonal relationships, tracking and encouraging learner progress, and answering any questions in real-time.
  • Class sizes are capped at 30 learners per class.
  • Classes run from 07:30 to 14:30 with regular breaks between classes.
  • Classes provide social engagement through chat forums where learners can interact, connect, and collaborate with teachers and other learners.
  • Virtual events and excursions also give learners the opportunity to connect with their peers.

Included in the Impaq Online School package:

Live, interactive
classes presented

Access to qualified teachers

Opportunities to interact with classmates

Access to chat forums

Printed books or e-books can be selected during registration

Assessments (tests, tasks, and examinations) necessary to complete the year

Access to the Optimi Learning Portal with recorded classes, interactive lessons, quizzes, and more

Extra classes in certain subjects

Access to a wellness app and a counsellor

Fitness sessions included

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What will the Impaq Online School cost?

Grade 7 to 9:

From R2 236

per month

Grade 10 to 11:

From R2 670

per month

Please note: Prices include textbooks (printed or e-books), SACAI fees, practical examination fees, and extra classes, T/C’s apply.

How is the Impaq Online School different to the Optimi Learning Portal (OLP) and online classes?

All Impaq-registered learners have access to the Optimi Learning Portal (OLP). They can attend limited online classes in certain subjects and have access to interactive lesson material such as quizzes, PDFs, and educational games. However, this is very different to online schooling.

With the Impaq Online School, learners will have daily classes facilitated by qualified teachers who will also act as the learner’s guide on their learning journey. Parents can now entrust their child’s learning to our group of competent teachers who will provide learners with the guidance they need to succeed.

Online school learners will stay in the same class per subject throughout the year, offering learners the opportunity to engage, collaborate, and get to know one another.