Grade 4 to 6 - Impaq Education

This package includes

Downloadable assessments and support services
Lesson material (Printed, e-books)
Facilitator guides (Hard copy and e-books)
Capture marks, generate reports and monitor your child’s progress


Lego Robotics

Suited for Grade 1 – 5

Lesson Material

Your child will receive the materials required to complete each subject, including (where applicable):

  • Study guides and selected workbooks.
  • Prescribed work.
  • DVDs and CDs/electronic downloads with useful videos and content.
Facilitator Material and Support

You will receive the materials and support required to facilitate your child’s learning, including:

  • Comprehensive facilitator guides that contain a subject plan and suggested timetable, as well as lesson guidance and explanations.
  • Access to a centralised team of education specialists, online support groups, and supplementary subject materials (Available at an additional cost)
Assessment Elements and services

You will receive all the formal assessment components required to evaluate your child, including:

  • Portfolio books (tests and assignments).
  • All formal assessment elements including tests, assignments, examinations and memorandums (available electronically).
  • Access to our online portal, my.impaq, to capture marks, generate reports and monitor your child’s progress.
Administration and Support
  • Easy-to-use online registration process and simplified account management (tracking applications, finance queries) as well as training to use this functionality.
  • Access to our large national network of tutors to supplement the learning provided at home.

The Intermediate Phase comprises of Grade 4 to 6 and includes six compulsory subjects:

  • At least one home language.
  • A second language subject (home language or first additional language level).
  • Mathematics.
  • Natural Sciences and Technology.
  • Social Sciences.
  • Life Skills.
We also offer Bible Studies as a non-examinable additional subject.

Grade 4 – 6 Pass Requirements

SubjectRequired performance
Home Language50%
First Additional Language40%
Any two other subjects40%

Lego Robotics

WeDo 2.0 Information and Curriculum Pack
Piece Count: 280
Ages: 7+

This set is based upon the latest science standards and was created to enhance students’ curiosity and science skills. The set is delivered in a storage bin along with sorting trays, labels, a Smarthub, a Medium Motor, Motion Sensor, a Tilt Sensor, and enough building elements for two students. The accompanying desktop and tablet supported software provides an easy-to-use programming environment and includes the WeDo 2.0 Curriculum Pack, which covers life, physical, earth, and space sciences, as well as engineering. The accompanying eLearning program helps teachers to become confident users of the WeDo 2.0 Core Set.

Learning Values:
  • Investigating, modelling and designing solutions
  • Engage students in science by making it real and relevant
  • Basic programming skills
  • Collaboration and presentation skills
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving
  • Available on both desktop and tablet devices
  • Integrated documentation tool to document projects: pictures, screen shots, videos, and written text
  • Inbuilt assessment
  • Sturdy storage bin and sorting tray for easy classroom management
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