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LEGO® Robotics and Coding

Grades 1 – 5

WeDo 2.0 Information and Curriculum Pack
Price per set: R4 250 per set
Piece Count: 280
Ages: 7+


LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0 is the perfect tool to introduce learners to robotics, engineering, and programming. Learners can build their own robot and bring it to life.

Upgrade 21st-century skills

LEGO® Robotics and Coding makes abstract concepts concrete by using tangible elements learners can manipulate with their hands. Learners solve real-life problems through engaging STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) projects.

The projects motivate learners to collaborate, build, problem-solve, and explore. Programming is taught in an intuitive way – learners see their builds in action while sharpening computational thinking skills like:

  • logical reasoning
  • pattern recognition and
  • modelling simulations.

Getting started

The desktop-and tablet-supported software provides easy-to-follow instructions on how to build each model robot. No training is required as facilitators do not need knowledge of written code and can simply follow the interactive guide.

Impaq offers LEGO® Robotics and Coding as a supplementary subject, with no formal assessment elements. The sets are not grade specific and can be used by any learner in Grade 1 (or older than seven years) to Grade 5. Learners can start with easy models and progress to more difficult models at their own pace.

What’s included in the set?

The LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0 set contains the following:

  • Storage bin, sorting trays and labels for easy storage
  • A Smarthub, the heart of the robot, connecting to a computer or tablet via Bluetooth (requires Bluetooth 4.0 or above)
  • A medium motor that brings the robot to life
  • A motion sensor and tilt sensor that gives the robot intelligence
  • Enough building elements for two learners

Pricing for Grades 1 – 5

LEGO® Education

WeDo 2.0 set

4 250 per set

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