COVID-19 online schooling - Impaq Education

Homeschool for the rest of the year

Why Impaq?

We are a curriculum provider to more than 20 000 learners and have helped 100 000 learners since 2002

Our education specialists offer online classes to help learners explore a variety of subjects and help them keep up to date with their studies

Homeschooling offers learners uninterrupted learning throughout the year

Impaq registers learners in Grade 10 – 12 with SACAI, an accredited examination board

Parents can use our assessments to monitor their child’s progress

Our Homeschooling prices

Assessment package

Already have your books and lesson material for the year? You can continue your studies for the rest of the year with what you already have. All you need to buy are the assessments, which includes all your tasks, tests, and examinations for the year. You’ll also have access to our online classes.

Lesson Material, Facilitator’s Guides, and Assessments

Looking for a more comprehensive package? Impaq provides all the books you would need for the rest of the year. We also provide detailed facilitator’s guides to guide you, as the parent, on how to teach at home. Impaq registers learners in Grade 10 – 12 with the examination board, SACAI. With our comprehensive package, you will have access to our education specialists for any academic queries, the Impaq learning platform (available from Grade 8), and online lessons.

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