The art of acing your schoolwork, visual art student shares her secrets

2 min read   •   July 7, 2022
Daniel Seleme

Putting emotions on a canvas and simply telling a story through visual art is something that comes naturally to the talented Anja Zipfel.

From an early age, Anja has always shown an interest in art, and it was only when she was in grade ten when she enrolled with Impaq that she could start taking her art seriously.

“Ever since I was in grade 1, art class has always been my favourite thing to do but I really started getting into art in grade 10 when I started taking art as a subject.

“I went from drawing only a few times a year to drawing daily in order to complete my visual art PAT project on time because it requires me to draw a lot and this has definitely helped me improve my skills”.


Anja has been homeschooling with Impaq for two years and has achieved an average of 90% for all her artwork.

“I’m really enjoying it. I have realised that homeschooling works well for me and ever since I became a homeschooling student, I’ve realised that I work best on my own and it has also taught me to work independently.”

The Impaq matric student is inspired by some of South Africa’s great artists like Jane Alexander, who is known for her installation art like sculptures including her famous sculpture titled, “The Butcher Boys”.

“I find her work to be unique and a little bit creepy but I kind of like that kind of stuff like creepy artwork it’s very interesting to me. At first, glance when you look at her work it doesn’t make sense and it looks very weird but when ones look into it, it tells a story about South Africa, and its hardships which is the purpose of art, to tell stories you know.”

Anja describes herself as a shy student who aspires to tell stories through her paintings, and even though she does visual art as a hobby, she’s considering pursuing it as a career.

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