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My child has unique academic needs. How can Impaq help?

At Impaq, we know that every child is unique. Every learner studies at his/her own […]

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Impaq: Taking the hassle out of choosing a curriculum

The 2018 Home Education Policy states that parents of learners from seven to fifteen years […]

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Impaq top performers 2019

Matrics 2019: Impaq’s top ten shares their advice

We are so proud of our Grade 12 candidates. Congratulations to all 731 Impaq candidates […]

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How to improve your matric results

You just received your matric results and they weren’t what you expected. Maybe you didn’t […]

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How to register your child for 2020

The start of a new home education year is always exciting but also a bit […]

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7 things to do now to prepare for 2020

There are several tasks home education parents can accomplish over the summer holiday to prepare for next […]

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Cool ways to beat summer boredom

You don’t have to let the lazy summer days roll by without doing much if […]

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Eight reasons why Impaq is the best choice as curriculum provider

In our previous article, we looked at how to choose a curriculum provider and what […]

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