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Teach360, formerly known as Basic Edu-CAPS, has over 30 years of experience in education, focusing on developing comprehensive and efficient CAPS aligned teacher resources.

Our offering consists of two sets of products:

Teacher files – we have teacher files that meet classroom and administrative needs, including planning, workbooks, structured assessments and detailed memoranda. The files also include additional resources such as video clips, music, full colour pictures and more.

General policies – we have 77 general school policies which are adapted from the Department of Basic Education’s requirements and cover everything from admissions to waste management.

All teacher files and general policies are sold electronically in DVD format to enable educators and principals to edit, tailor and print documents based on their needs. We also sell the teacher files and general policies in printed format combined with the DVD at additional cost. Please contact us at support@impaq.co.za to schedule a visit to your school and to ask any questions.

Teach 360

The teacher files consist of the following subjects:

Teach 360 Foundation Phase SubjectsTeach 360 Intermediate Phase SubjectsTeach 360 Senior Phase Subjects

Teach360 is also available in other languages Our teacher files are available in English and Afrikaans. We also have home language files available in selected languages.

Contents of Teach360 teacher files

teacher files contain the following information:

Teach360 suggested timetables

A suggested timetable for each subject.

Teach360 multimedia resources

Full colour, multimedia resources included for each subject as required.

Teach360 recordkeeping and moderation instruments

Recordkeeping, moderation and monitoring instruments.

Teach360 workbooks
  • Workbook for learners.
  • Informal assessment tasks.
  • Full memoranda with detailed answers and explanations.
Teach360 lesson plans

A daily and weekly plan, with details for each lesson, including references to the activities and resources included in the workbook, as well as an overview of the subject.

Teach360 assessment tasks
  • Formal assessment tasks.
  • Full memoranda with detailed answers and explanations.
Teach360 subject policies
  • Outline of what needs to be done in a subject according to the CAPS document.
  • Procedures on assessments and subject interventions are included.

Teach360 is also offered in other languages Our teacher files are available in English and Afrikaans. We also have home language files available in selected languages.

Teach360 general policies

General Policies include the following:

  1. Absence of Educators
  2. Absence of Learners
  3. Administration of Medicine at Schools
  4. Administrative Period for Educators
  5. Admission
  6. Aids
  7. Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  8. Anger Management and Bullying at Schools
  9. Assessment and Promotion
  10. Bereavement – Dealing with Death
  11. Bereavement – Time off for Staff Members
  12. Building Character
  13. Bus Transport/ transport provided by School
  14. Child Abuse
  15. Classroom Management
  16. Classroom Visits
  17. Code of Conduct for Educators
  18. Code of Conduct for Learners
  19. Computer Room
  20. Confidentiality
  21. Contact Time
  22. Copying / Duplicating
  23. Courses and Workshops
  24. Cultural Holidays
  25. Curriculum Assessment Policy
    Statement (CAPS)
  26. Dealing with allergies in school
  27. Discipline
  28. Early Identification of Learners with Learning Problems
  29. Educational Tours (Excursions)
  30. Emergency Plan
  31. Examinations
  32. Feeding Scheme
  33. Finances
  34. Gender Equality
  35. Grounds Duty
  36. Homework
  37. Intervene
  38. Intervention
  39. Inventory
  40. Keys
  41. Language
  42. Leave for Educators
  43. Library
  44. Losses and Damages to Property
  45. LTSM
  46. Maintenance
  47. Managing teacher’s work time
  48. Mental Maths
  49. National Coat of Arms
  50. Parent Involvement
  51. Post: Handling of Mail
  52. Pregnancy
  53. Procedure regarding cellphones and electronic devices during a test or examination
  54. Procurement
  55. Prohibition of corporal punishment
  56. Reading
  57. Religion
  58. Renting
  59. Representative Council Of Learners (RCL)
  60. Retrieving of Textbooks
  61. Safety of Learners
  62. School Development Plan
  63. School Fees
  64. School Governing Body Constitution (SGB)
  65. Sexual Harassment
  66. Smoking
  67. Sport
  68. Student Council
  69. Support for New Educators
  70. Telecommunication
  71. Textbooks
  72. Use of raffles by schools as a fundraising method
  73. Vandalism
  74. Vehicles
  75. Vendor
  76. Visitors
  77. Waste Management

Teach360 policy updates Continuous and comprehensive policy updates are included.
Please note that the general policies are sold electronically in a format to enable principals to edit the documents should they wish.

Teach360 pricing

2017 Pricing Price per unit (VAT incl.)

Teach 360 Electronic

Teach 360 Electronic and print

Teacher Files

Pricing for Teach360 teacher files

General Policies

Pricing for Teach360 general policies

Teach 360 A delivery fee of R270 is payable for orders below R2 700.
Pricing only valid for registered schools or teachers employed by registered schools.