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If you would like to register your child with a tutor centre that uses Impaq’s materials, contact the tutor directly to enquire about the enrolment process. For a list of tutors in our network, click here.

NEW Impaq learner

What do you need to register?

  •   Learner’s birth certificate or ID
  •   Previous year’s report (Gr 10 – 12 only)
  •   Account holder or Parent’s ID
  •   Valid banking details

Existing Impaq learner

What do you need to register?

  •   Student number
  •   Previous year’s report (Gr 10 – 12 only – download from my.Impaq)
  •   Valid banking details
  •   Login details for my.Impaq



Register Online

Register manually by downloading the correct registration form below and returning it, together with all the required documentation to Please note that the turnaround time for manual registrations is 5 – 7 working days.

2018 Registration Form: Full Programme   2018 Tuispakket Registrasievorm

2018 Registration Form: Individual Subject Home Registration   2018 Registrasie Vorm: Enkelvakke Tuisregistrasie

2018 Individual Subject List