Products and services

We offer an integrated education solution that empowers you as a teacher with the products, services and tools needed to successfully support learners in the classroom. We provide you with solutions that reduce your administration and allow you focus on what you’re good at – teaching and learning.


Our comprehensive offering provides you as a teacher with:

Comprehensive teaching material

Material required by the teacher to facilitate the learning in each subject including free e-versions of learner materials (where available) and teacher files.

Learner products

Material required by the learner to complete each subject, including study guides, prescribed works, learning aids and multimedia.

Standardised assessment elements

Required assessment components to enable teachers to continuously evaluate learners including formal examinations from Grade 4.

Academic administration and support

Online portal to capture marks, generate reports and monitor progress as well as other services including access to a centralised team of education specialists, online subject support groups and administration.


For more detailed information on our offering and pricing, please contact our sales team at or call us at 087 743 0700.

Please note that we spend significant time and resources to improve our offering every year – watch this space for updates!