School Comprehensive Package

Our School Comprehensive Package provides teachers with a complete set of CAPS-aligned products and services to support learning in the classroom. This package includes learner materials, teacher guides, assessment components, as well as teacher support and related services.

Teachers can supplement our material with additional resources and learning aids based on their needs. Our assessment products for the FET Phase adhere to the SACAI assessment framework and may only be used by schools registered with SACAI as their examination board.

Package includes:

Learner Materials

Learner Materials

Each learner will receive the hard copy materials required to complete each subject, including (where applicable):

  • Study guides and selected workbooks.
  • Portfolio books (tests and assignments).
  • Prescribed works.
  • DVDs and CDs/electronic downloads with useful videos and content.
Teacher materials and support

Teacher materials and support

You will receive materials and support required to facilitate classroom learning, including:

  • Electronic access to comprehensive facilitator guides that contain a subject plan and suggested timetable, as well as lesson guidance and explanations. Hard copy versions of these guides can be purchased separately.
  • Electronic access to study guides to be used together with facilitator guides.
  • Access to a centralised team of education specialists, online support groups and supplementary subject material.
Assessment elements and services

Assessment elements and services

You will receive all the required formal assessment components to evaluate learners, including:

  • Structured portfolio of all formal assessment elements (including tests and exams) and related memorandums (where applicable). This consists of continuous assessment (Grade R), formal assessments (Grade 1 – 12) and examinations (Grade 4 – 12).
  • Access to our online portal, my.impaq, to capture marks, generate reports and monitor learner progress. Includes the ability to administer learners and purchase additional materials and services.
  • Access to assessment services, such as marking and portfolio management, at an extra cost.
Administration and support

Administration and support

  • Online access to account information, including financial details and order summaries.
  • Access to our client engagement team for guidance and support.
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