Our Offering

Impaq offers an integrated education solution that gives you full control over your child’s education. We provide you with the necessary products, services and tools to enable your child to complete Grades R to Grade 12 at home. After successful completion of Grade 12, Impaq candidates qualify to receive a National Senior Certificate (NSC). Impaq provides parents with a network of tutors and learning centres that help you supplement the learning of your child at home.

Products and services

Impaq’s curriculum is CAPS aligned and comprises of over 160 subjects in both English and Afrikaans, from Grade R to Grade 12.

Our offering to learners and parents at home comprises of three elements:

Learner resources:

Books with simple guidance and content that learners can engage with, practice elements to continuously test and improve their understanding of the subject, and a support network for learners to successfully master a CAPS subject or grade.

Facilitator materials and support:

Step-by-step instructions with training and support for facilitators, enabling them to teach more efficiently and provide quality subject assistance to the learner.

Formal assessment products and services:

All formal CAPS assessments with ongoing feedback, as well as tools and services to manage the assessment journey and increase facilitator capacity.

For more detailed information on our home education offering and pricing, download our brochure here.

Please note that we spend significant time and resources to improve our offering every year – watch this space for updates!

Benefits of
home education


alternative option to traditional schools


ability to spend more time with your children


ability to supervise culture and values


ability to focus attention where your child struggles