We believe in making quality education affordable and accessible to all learners.
You can now apply for a student loan through our new funding partner, Fundi.

Applying for a student loan is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1: Register with Impaq at www.impaq.co.za/register-now or call us on 087 743 0700.
Step 2: Request a quote via my.Impaq.
Step 3: Apply for a student loan on the Fundi website at www.fundi.co.za or call them on 086 055 5544.

Please send your Fundi application form to fundiapplications@fundi.co.za or fax it to 086 633 3832.
You can also download the student loan application form here: Student Loan Application

What you need to apply:

  •   Certified copy of your SA ID.
  •   Three months’ stamped bank statements.
  •   Most recent salary slip.
  •   Completed student loan application form.
  •   Impaq quotation.
  •   Impaq student number.
  •   Letter confirming employment, if you are not a government employee.
  •   For self-employed applicants, we will need proof of the business’s registration and the last 6 months’ stamped business bank statements.