Our Unique Learning Model

At Impaq, our learners come first and are at the centre of our academic model. Children learn differently and we have developed a model which takes into consideration how children are stimulated to learn and how they process and retain information.

Our learning model has been developed to achieve the following:

  • Challenge learners with real-world problems and scenarios and enable them to apply newly acquired knowledge
  • Cultivate self-directed and individualised learning
  • Encourage problem-solving and promote critical thinking
  • Stimulate learners’ innate sense of curiosity
  • Follow the scaffolding approach, where new knowledge is added on top of existing knowledge – by integrating new and existing knowledge, meaningful connections are made
  • Allow for formative and summative assessment
  • Provide facilitators with structured guidance to facilitate the learning process and optimise teaching by enabling learners to work without expert facilitation at times

We are continuously innovating our academic model to address the challenges of our rapidly changing world and to equip learners to be well rounded contributors to society.